Timing Belts

X'ACT ® CT | HTD | STD [Classical Timing]

Suitable for drives demanding exact power transmission such as robotic machines, textile machinery, CNC machines, electronic equipment such as printers, currency couting machines etc.

X'PEDIENT ® XT [Polyurethane Belts]

Office automation equipment and vending machines, machine tools and pumps, textile machines, paper making machines and printing machinery, medical equipments, food processing equipment, packaging machinery, robotics and plotters.

Duo ® XT [Double Sided Timing]

For Serpentine drives like in textile, paper packaging & printing industries, hand-held power tools, robotics, vending machines and vacuum cleaners.

Top Coat ® XT [Packaging Machinery]

FFS (Form-fill & Seal) machine, bakery, paper & printing soaps & cosmetics, cable-drawing, plastic tube drawing, bottling plants etc.

Brawn ® XT [High Power Belts]

Food Processing, packaging, paper machines, printing machines, robotic equipment, conveyors, office quipment, medical equipment.

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